You can not ignore what is in front of your face.

We all have to learn at our own pace.

Acceptance and growth are needed to obtain God’s saving grace.

We all are called, He only asks us to move at our own pace.

So that we may meet Him in heaven

and gaze upon His loving face.

Carlysa Yourgans

January 31, 2010

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Praying for a Home

Today I was trying to decide what to write  and I came across a post by the Catholic-Christian. She posted a Novena to St. Joseph in Times of Difficulty, this hit home. If you don’t know much or anything about St Joseph except that he was a carpenter and Jesus’ earthly father, them you might not have heard about asking him to pray with you to sell your home. Praying for a home is one of my frequent prayers.

I have been homeless for over a year. Continue reading

Living Sacred Moments

I Can Say with Truth, I Forget What is Important.

I forget that God is all around me and loving me through my day. I talk to Him at any given moment, I am scared or insecure. I don’t always recognize His presence and can get bogged down in the process. The pain of the past, the uncertainty of the future can build up an anxiety that causes me to lose my focus. Continue reading

Courage : What Does it Mean to You?

I view courage as something that is difficult to do, but in spite of the difficult nature you move forward. Now this could be something you want to do or something you don’t. With courage can come a fear of the unknown or be seen as a challenge. It is more often considered to be a positive action. It does not take courage to be a coward.

Inspirational Stones
Believing in yourself is a foundation stone of courage.

On a spiritual level; being that we are spiritual beings built on the foundation of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love: true positive courage needs all three to manifest. Continue reading

Remember 5 Blessings for Today

Remember… Everyday that love is all around you. Somewhere in the world, either next door or around the world, someone might be having a worse day than you. It doesn’t make either of you better than the other. It just means, try not to focus on yourself too much.

We all have failings, weaknesses & strengths. Treating others the way you want to be treated shows you respect each other’s differences. Continue reading

The Cross on Earth – The Crown in Heaven #Prayer

Life is just plain difficult. No matter what you have or don’t have. I’ve found most people truly don’t understand suffering. The foundational stones are often ignored and minimized.

Prayer is a gift & grace that God has offered to every person. He communicates to us through prayer guiding us to His Most Holy Will. This prayer focuses or centers in on the foundation of suffering. Continue reading