Guest Post Policy

Due to the current upheaval over Google and Guest Posting I am making some specific requirements about what I put on the site and am very specific about what I consider a guest post. It is my belief that the quality of content is the main ingredient to the issue.

I also accept sponsored posts. I will work with you to find a happy agreement, within reason.

Rules, regulations, preferences for guests on my blog:

  1. Previously published posts are NOT OK!
  2. 2 – 3 sentence Author Bio goes on bottom of post, with no more than 2 NOT FOR PROFIT links, such as social media profiles.
  3. Posts should be at least 400 words – max is not an issue, but some readers tend to get bored after about 1,000! I will work with a little less if the quality is up to par.
  4. ZERO for profit links within the body of the post and no more than 3 not-for-profit links within post.

Meaning: Please do not send my readers to a site where they need to buy something, but you may send my readers to another site for more information (ex: Wikipedia or your blog). If you are going to send them to a place they need to buy something then you are trying to submit an ad. Please see our Advertising Options.
But, what if you want me on your blog?

If you would like a guest post from me:

I am available for phone, in person, and email interviews. Just ask!

I am open to write guest posts on other sites. I will do my best to produce articles to the same standard I am asking for guest posts on my blog. Again, please just ask!


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