Advertising Options

For any questions about the information below, please contact me. anamazingfamily at Gmail dot com

Advertising Rates (I currently only accept payment via PayPal ask my PayPal specific email addy):

  • 7 days = $5.00 (more due to set up etc)
  • 1 month = $10.00
  • 6 months = $55.00 ($5.00 savings)
  • 1 year = $100.00 ( $20.00 savings – BEST DEAL)

*Note: I will also do a swap with other bloggers… you post my button for x-amount of time and I will post yours.


Giveaway Sponsors:

I enjoy doing giveaways on my site and use Rafflecopter or to randomly choose a winner from my comments.. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please contact me and be prepared to ship to the winner.

You will receive a free 125 x 125 advertising space on my sidebar during the duration of your giveaway.
I prefer to run my giveaways for approximately two weeks and only run one at a time. I may overlap in some circumstances.
I prefer that one, non-returnable item be sent to me for review before the giveaway since giveaways naturally go along with reviews.
I will write my review of your product and at the end of the post, I will announce the giveaway.
At the end of my giveaway, I will announce the winner and contact you with their name(s) and address(es) for direct shipping to them.
Just be sure to let me know the specifics: what you’d like me to give away, how many of each item you are giving away, who the giveaway is open to (ex. Only US), etc.


Let me review your products on my site:

I will use your products and give an honest review of them. If possible, I prefer to also be able to offer a giveaway of the reviewed product to my readers. I would love to hear from anyone looking to promote their products services. Please make sure they are family friendly, as this is a family oriented site. I reserve the right to refuse to print anything that may not be well-suited for this particular blog and the topics I cover. We are interested/have the following things in our household and I will review anything having to do with them:

Boys – Brothers – Son (14 &12)
Girls – Sisters – Daughter (20, 19, 15)
Homemaking: anything that can help make my life a bit easier
Cooking: we love trying new things and I like kitchen gadgets that improve my productivity and fun to use.
Reading: I lean-to personal development, spiritual, home, family. I am open to fiction reads, although my interest fluctuates, please just ask.
Game consoles: we own a PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, DSi
Computer software, iPhone Apps
Health concerns:

I and some of my kids have allergies. Indoor, outdoor, foods: mushrooms and anything from the mold category are sensitivities.
My husband has diabetes
My husband and I both have high blood pressure.

If I didn’t list something and you are offering it, please be sure to contact me… you never know, I might be interested.

*Note:I am also looking for Guest Bloggers please contact me if you are interested in writing for me about the following things: (I am open to looking at most subjects and issues. This is a Family Friendly Blog)

  • Gardening & Plants
  • Women’s Interests
  • Children
  • Parenting
  • Having Fun!

Interested? Find more information Guest Posting Policy


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