May Was a Month of Learning and Resignation

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So, I did pray the novena and I didn’t set my mind to ‘God will do it for me’ idealistically assuming I would get every thing I wanted. We have seen some changes this past month.

Since February we have gotten to the top of 3 lists for housing. At the moment  we know of an opening that we qualify for and it should be available in a few weeks. It will be so nice to set things up so I can have the kids and really get to spend time with them.

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We have some ‘associates’ that we thought were friends that are very far from it. People use others for their own gain and assume that it is ok to do so. I feel truly sad for these people. They live in a fantasy where it is all about them. I wrote about having Real or Fake friends Back in February on An Amazing Woman. I have found I prefer real ones to fake ones, sometimes it can be difficult to see in the beginning.

My ex is still having residual problems from cancer treatment. I am hoping to get things set for them to move back with me so he can put all his energy to healing himself.

I am still extremely hurt by the way I was treated during the divorce. The laws in Indiana were supposed to keep me from this situation. Forgiveness from my heart is certainly complete. ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” For me, that was easier to accept than forgetting their poor judgement. I also took part in the #ForgivenessChallenge I have not gotten to keep up with the daily prompts, things have been too unsettled. Some if the questions don’t fit my situation or I have moved beyond that point. I do feel that it is a good program for anyone to work through. It can be done at any time and at your own pace. Find out more, HERE

People hurt for many reasons. Ill treatment is at the top of that list. It comes in many forms. Acceptance of God’s Will is what will stop the unfair and poor treatment of people. People you think are your friends only to hurt you later have been plentiful.

Hypocrites seem to think that as long as they go to church they are saved from everything. ‘Oh, Jesus already paid for my sins. I’ve nothing to worry about.’ I don’t think it works that way. Although, I may be wrong. My understanding of what I’ve read in the bible is that those that sinned and changed their ways were given absolution to ‘go and sin no more’. Sounds to me like there is something positive to be expected.

May has been a crazy month. Housing is closer to becoming a reality. My husband and I are finding out who our friends are and who are not. Friends are an extension of positiveness around us. Those that aren’t and just use you when they need something are a negative influence. These people usually lie to pretend they are the ones being used.

I will continue to pray that our housing situation will be realized, soon. And that God puts some really good people in our path. It is time for the good to come back to us in return for our good intentions to others.



Hope Endures
There is no price which one can pay.
There is nothing to compare its value.
There is nowhere it wants to be, except with You!
There is a possibility to increase its quantity.
There is no way to end its existence.

Hope is Priceless.
Hope is Precious.
Hope doesn’t leave you.
Hope Grows.
Hope Endures.

Open The Arms of Your Heart and Embrace Hope!


Carlysa Yourgans April 2, 2013


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What is Hope?

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Hope is a steadfast trust in God’s Will.

Hope is learning God’s Will.

Hope is trusting God is in control.

You must hope in God’s Will to gain the wisdom to let God be in control of every aspect of your life.

Hope is not a steadfast determination to gain something.

It’s not about getting your way or making your own judgements.

These things are more about human faults and failings.

Let go and let God’s Will rule your hope.

Carlysa Yourgans

March 22, 2013

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You can not ignore what is in front of your face.

We all have to learn at our own pace.

Acceptance and growth are needed to obtain God’s saving grace.

We all are called, He only asks us to move at our own pace.

So that we may meet Him in heaven

and gaze upon His loving face.

Carlysa Yourgans

January 31, 2010

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Courage : What Does it Mean to You?

I view courage as something that is difficult to do, but in spite of the difficult nature you move forward. Now this could be something you want to do or something you don’t. With courage can come a fear of the unknown or be seen as a challenge. It is more often considered to be a positive action. It does not take courage to be a coward.

Inspirational Stones
Believing in yourself is a foundation stone of courage.

On a spiritual level; being that we are spiritual beings built on the foundation of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love: true positive courage needs all three to manifest. Continue reading