Angel Wings Friends

During my time blogging I have found it difficult to have Christian religious or faith-based posts and articles shared in blogging groups. I would like to share posts with and for others that are interested.

I am looking to set up sub-groups for posts or articles that are specific to a particular religious denomination. I understand not being as interested in sharing a catholic post about saints if your faith does not recognize saints. On the sign up form I have started a few denominations and have an option to add ones that I didn’t list.

Please fill out Angel Wings Friends Group Form if you are interested in belonging to a group that will share Christian religious or faith based posts and articles.

I also would like to see the Angel Wings Friends button on the post to increase knowledge of the group. Feel free to post the button on your sidebar or a special page on your website/blog.

Here is the link again to the Angel Wings Friends Group Form



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