Saint John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II

I can vaguely remember Pope Paul VI death and the election and short pontificate of Pope John Paul I. My impressionable teen years were filed with memories of his love for life and teaching us to give our all to the Blessed Virgin.

In my young mothering years I found comfort in delving deeper into my faith. Preparing myself to instill the faith into my children so they could share this intimate part of myself. Encouraging a connection that would hopefully give them strength, courage and most of all hope.

Pope John Paul II taught me how to pray and I found a love for the rosary. My devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary helped me through childbirth, overwhelming feelings of doubt as a parent and how to become more Christ-like in my actions and words.

Pope St John Paul II will be beatified this weekend, April 27, 2014. I had wondered if they might settle with St John Paul the Great, either way he was a great man in my heart.

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