Self Improvement: A Gift or A Grace?

It takes courage to overcome our emotional weaknesses. I put my emotional scars as a priority and gift to myself and my family. Self Improvement is a product of living your faith. You are creating a path of positive outcomes

I knew that because of the abuse I endured as a child that I had to work on improving myself to be the best person, wife and mother I could be, the person God created. It was failure as a person, in my mind, if I didn’t improve me. The chances of building an unhealthy life are much greater for those that have been victims of abuse.

Broken families have become so common. I was mistaken when I thought my marriage had what it took to get through any life event. I didn’t account for my ex-husbands underlying emotional issues.


Some folks think you just do what ever comes natural and that is your best. Or they pray and ask God to help them, but do nothing to help or allow God to improve them. We can’t assume He can mold our imperfect selves if we don’t act on His promptings, allowing His angels on earth to minister to our needs on His behalf.

“A sad soul can kill you quicker than     a germ.” ~ John Steinbeck

In truth, it must be accepted to allow and resign to this improving. Everything we do or say affects those around us. We aren’t just making a decission for ourselves, but for others as well. In essence, we kill a relationship by not feeding it with good, healthy actions. When we behave in a positive and unselfish way it spills over to those we love.  The same happens when we act negatively. It produces negatively into our relationships.

Self Improvement: A Gift Or A Grace?

Maybe…It’s both. What do you think?


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