Are You Godly? Worldly? Do You Care?

 Hands Holding Earth

Have you ever put much thought into what drives your actions and/or decision-making?

Do you make choices based on social ideas or faith ideas? We are ultimately responsible for our actions. We don’t have to follow the crowd. We can follow our faith teachings and set good positive examples. Either way it is each persons responsibility. We shouldn’t make excuses and blame others for our mistakes. We can be misguided as young children but as we grow we should be responsible and gain knowledge so we can make informed choices.
The simple fact is that many people want to blame someone, anyone, but
themselves. I screw things up at times, just a fact, “I’m not perfect!”. I have to do what is necessary to make those changes. If I’m doing something to cause harm to another person it is up to me to change that behavior. No one else can do that for me. Just me. So you should look inwardly and be honest,

What Motivates You? 

Will you take the challenge?
Share with me in the comments 3 things that motivate you.
If you have a blog, write a post and share your thoughts on this article and the 3 things that motivate you.
     3 Things that Motivate Me?
  1. My Faith – I attempt to be mindful of my actions as they pertain to my faith.
  2. My Children (Family) – I want to be a good example. Even in my mistakes and how I react.
  3. God – I know that He loves me even when my imperfections are like a bright neon light. This motivates me to put more effort into doing well.

In life my greatest hope has been to be the person God intended me to be.

He can’t shape me, sculpt me or mold me if I don’t follow His laws. God created each one of us for a specific purpose. If we deny His role in our lives we can’t fulfill our role and generally feel lost.
Some of us find this purpose faster than others. Having a spiritual foundation enables us to learn what is needed to act upon His prompts to be that person.


Some people struggle between God and the world more than others. 

We have to live in the world but we are subject to God’s commandments and law. Our Old Testament faithful were not perfect, our saints weren’t perfect. They all came to understand that standing up for the One Triune God they believed in was the only way to true happiness. In doing so, they could not take part in activity that was against their faith.
We as a people still have to stand up for our beliefs. There are so many things in the world that tempt us to turn our backs on those beliefs. Despair, weakness, lack of perseverance are things that hold us back from our true calling. Things that keep us from being who we were created to be so we can find true happiness. All these things should be on our minds as we pray for guidance to create a ‘Life Plan’.

Another thing to keep in mind are goals. “Goals Are Dynamic”

Something to remember about goals, don’t create a life that doesn’t allow for living. People create goals with the idea that each one is a stair step to this Euphoric Utopia. They aren’t. Seriously! Goals help give us direction. Not any different from driving a car or flying a plane, detours and road blocks, deviations and altitude changes. And…at the same time very different. Why? Life goals aren’t destinations like taking a trip. Life goals are a part of the journey. The thing with a journey, you don’t always know where you are going or how you are going to get there. You start out with an idea of what you want to do. Then as you go along you learn new things that change some of your direction. You may still get where you are going but things may happen in a quite unexpected way. These things will change some goals and create new ones as you grow and learn.
Will you take the challenge and share what motivates you?

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