Praying for a Home

Today I was trying to decide what to write  and I came across a post by the Catholic-Christian. She posted a Novena to St. Joseph in Times of Difficulty, this hit home. If you don’t know much or anything about St Joseph except that he was a carpenter and Jesus’ earthly father, them you might not have heard about asking him to pray with you to sell your home. Praying for a home is one of my frequent prayers.

I have been homeless for over a year.

When my ex-husband filed for divorce he also started a plan to take custody of all the children and to leave me with no support. Well, lucky for him, it worked.In September 2012 I became homeless and had to seek shelter in a ‘homeless shelter’. So for one year and 5 months that has been the only home I have known. I even spent two nights sleeping at a picnic table in front of a mens shelter.

St Joseph
courtesy of wikipedia

St. Joseph’s Feast Day is March 19th

So back to the novena! I started reading it and it hit me! How much more difficult times have been for me. I am blessed to find a wonderful man and got remarried, but due to circumstances beyond his control, he was homeless also. We are praying for a home, everyday. So then, I started to reread it in a more prayerful way. My hope is that we will find housing soon. We can’t buy a house now, the finances won’t stretch that far. But a hone of our own! Having my kids living with me again…my heart aches for this one.

For those nay-sayers, there is no guarantee that anything will happen in a miraculous way.

But! I am a survivor in many ways only because of my faith in God. I know that housing will come at some point and asking St Joseph to pray with me for this intention grows my faith in many ways.

How does asking a dead person to pray with you help grow your faith?

  1. It expands your mind to the possibilities of an afterlife.
  2. It teaches perseverance.
  3. It helps to center your thoughts around why a prayer was or wasn’t answered. Sometimes God does say: Wait and No.

God has been with me on every step of my journey.


p>I have grown in my faith enough to be able to accept that He is there, everyday. A lot of the time people aren’t getting their way when they must let go and let God be in charge of the actions we make in any giving situation. It is not easy, it takes time and a lot of letting go. I hope to share more about the ‘letting go’ part as time goes on. That’s what this blog is about, letting go, accepting and rejoicing.

If you would like to pray along with me you can find the pray on Catholic-Christians blog, HERE is the link. Or pray a novena for your intentions.


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